21st Sunday after Pentecost

Going with the plan for a sung Mass on the third Sunday of the month, our next Sung Mass is on the 21st of October, the 21st Sunday after Pentecost.

Hymn Book Covers

[caption id=”attachment_671” align=”alignleft” width=”200”]Suggested Mass Book Cover Based on Missal of Eberhard von Greiffenklau, Priest performing Mass before Two Donors, Walters Manuscript W.174, fol. 153r[/caption] Over the last Christmas holidays I made about 40 copies of the Mass Book. They weren’t too bad for cheap go at making hard cover books. Now the pages are falling out here and there and people have suggested we have a working bee to fix them up. We could carefully glue the pages back in with PVA glue, but there may be a better way… getting a new edition printed in paperback!

Next bundle of Masses at Mulgoa

Wed 12th September: Holy Name of Mary (Introit Vultum tuum, like we did for St Mary of the Cross, Offertory Ave Maria, Communion: Beata Viscera which sounds very familiar. Mass 9. No Credo! (it’s only a 3rd class feast)

Immaculate Heart of Mary (22nd August)

Immaculate HeartThis Wednesday is the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, completing our hattrick of three Sung Masses on adjacent Wednesdays. All Mass 9, Credo 1.

12th Sunday after Pentecost revised

Fixed a typo in the introit: propers

Not the recordings you asked for...

Le Barroux Chant The Monks of Norcia Catching up on Fr Z posts I came across this Just Too Cool: Options for Divine Office sung in Gregorian chant – ONLINE.

Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

(Twas the day before th’Assumption and hopefully everyone can run through Mass 9 ready for tomorrow.)

Fifteenth Sunday post Pentecost

Next sung Mass at Lawson is 5pm Sunday 9th September 2012. Fr Eugene’s schedule means we have space for only two practices: 4pm Sunday 19th August and 9th September.

Assumption - simple propers

Here are the plans for the feast of the Assumption:

Preparing for the Assumption

The plan for the Assumption so far: