Salvete flores martyrum

Just had a request for a recording and may as well add it here in case anyone else can use it.

Advent and Christmas 2015

I’m putting together CDs for those with difficulty accessing the internet (and who aren’t reading this)

Blue Mountains Sacred Music Choir

I’m looking towards Christmas with some trepidation.

Bulletins, Gaudete and Christmas

Hopefully I can have the current bulletin available here for those who would like to keep in touch but can’t pick up a bulletin at Mass for whatever reason. Read on for the next Sung Mass - Sunday 13th December and early plans for Christmas. You can subscribe by email if you’d like an email whenever I publish a new post here (about once a week).

All Saints, All Souls

There are only two Sundays before All Saints Day and it would be good to run over some music at both, so, how about aiming to get to Wentworth Falls at 4pm on the next two Sundays to go through the music?

O Sanctissima

Picking a version of O Sanctissima is a bit like choosing chocolate. This one takes the harmony from Ludwig von Beethoven and the words from the Mass Book. The old red books stop at the first two verses - which is probably a wise thing - but my edition has five verses, just in case.

XX Post Pentecost

The next sung Mass for St Francis Xavier’s, Wentworth Falls is Sunday 11th October 5pm.

16th post pentecost

Messy desk This Mass must have been one we have done in the past. The music is so familiar. Maybe we can do all the proper Propers.

From practice at Lawson

We had a great practice today with extra accompaniment on the little organ.

WWF and Mulgoa

Choir at WWF